Mary Boukouvalas 

Mary Boukouvalas has been photographing music for about fifteen years.

She has photographed artists such as The Rolling Stones, KISS, Iggy Pop, AC/DC, Patti Smith, Joe Strummer, PULP, The Cult, The Damned, The Cure, Ian Brown, Interpol, MUDHONEY, The MELVINS, The Living End, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against The Machine –just to name a few.

Mary started smuggling her camera into gigs in the early ‘90s and was asked to take photos for Beat magazine in ’94 –where she has been regularly published ever since.

As well as being published in Rolling Stone magazine, Triple J magazine, The Age Newspaper, The Herald Sun, The Australian, and Neos Kosmos, Mary’s photographs regularly appear online in  http://www.beat.com.auhttp://www.blistering.comhttp://www.theaureview.com

Mary has a permanent photographic exhibition at The Corner Hotel in Richmond, Victoria Australia.

Though mostly specialising in live music photography, Mary also shoots promotional band photos and portraits. Please do not ask her to do weddings.


Mary Boukouvalas

+61 404 094 881



Quotes about Mary’s photography:

“Mary, you make shit shine.”

Mick Thomas, Weddings Parties, Anything.

“Great pics. Real. Emotion grabbing photos that yank you and crank you right to the spot. The scene of the crime. Are you really there? It sure feels like it.”

Steve Poltz, singer-songwriter, The Rugburns. http://poltz.com/words/

“Mary’s work has always been top-notch. Whether she’s shooting in a big arena, outdoor festival, or in an intimate club, her pictures go beyond the ‘stock’ photography we often see in the metal/hard rock scene. Even though she’s several ponds away from our North American base, she’s easily one of our most reliable photographers we have, and a real pleasure to work with.”

David E. Gehlke/Editor, Blistering.com   http://www.blistering.com

“Mary doesn’t take pictures, she ‘plays’ the Camera. It’s as if she’s playing the drums, snapping away in rhythm with her subject. Total rapport. Creating the environment in which to capture the soul of the rock n roll. Mary gets to the essence because she gets the music as well as understanding the art of photography. Her passion for both burst through in her images, She is also able to create the environment in which to capture the soul of the rock n roll and that is why she and her pictures are in such high demand. As vital as the music itself!” 

Danny Farrant, drummer, The Buzzcocks.  http://www.buzzcocks.com

“Mary … you shot some totally killer shots of us at The Corner Hotel last month. The one photo attached is just great, one of the best photos I have seen of us…”
Matt Wicks, The TREATMENT. http://www.facebook.com/thetreatmentband

Go to the following link: http://t.co/PjhxxYL for photos from the launch of Mary’s photography exhibition with Ros O’Gorman http://www.rosogormanphotography.com/


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